For security reasons you can no longer access TCU Online Banking using Internet Explorer 11. For the optimal experience, we recommend using the following browsers:*

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Chrome
  • Safari

* The new online banking platform supports the latest 2 versions of browsers.

Apple devices

The new platform supports a iOS 14 (or higher) with a 64-bit ARM. "Vintage" and "obsolete" iOS devices will not be supported; a full list of these devices can be found HERE.

Android devices

The new platform supports Android 9 or higher.

Q. How do I know what operating system my device uses?

A. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap About Phone

Q. How do I update my mobile operating system?

A. Your phone will usually automatically notify you if you have an update. We recommend that you back up your device before you update your operating system. To manually update your device, follow the instructions below:

  1. Plug in your device, as the update may drain your battery
  2. Connect your device to Wifi
  3. Open Settings
  4. Scroll down and tap the About Device icon (On a tablet, you may need to tap the General tab at the top of the screen first.)
  5. At the bottom of the menu, tap Software Update (or Update or System Firmware Update depending on your operating system)
  6. Tap Check for Updates
  7. Tap Update (If there is an update available, this button will appear at the top of your screen.)
  8. Tap Install (or Reboot and Install or Install System Software)