Why TCU?

Because we are an
Everwise Credit Union

As an everwise credit union, we embrace every one of these beliefs and are constantly looking for ways to put them into action.

Let's start with two simple thoughts.

Though we were founded as Teachers Credit Union, we're not just for teachers anymore. TCU has grown to 57 locations and more than 300,000 members - making us the largest credit union in Indiana - and we deliver personal attention, convenience and access to professional help to help them reach their financial goals.

Second, it's important to note that we're a credit union and not a bank. Credit unions are not-for-profit institutions operated to provide maximum benefits for their members. This shows up in lower loan rates, generous rewards programs and big investments in online and mobile banking technology, to name just a few areas. We can also help you get into the home of your dreams with our mortgage lending solutions.

Now, about those core beliefs.

At the personal level, they start with our efforts to make your life more convenient. In addition to all our service centers, our members have access to more than 700 no-fee ATMs across Indiana and 30,000-plus reduced-fee ATMs nationwide. Further, we're part of the CO-OP Shared Branch Network, which allows our members to walk into 5,600 different credit union locations nationwide to do business.

We're also focused on helping you prosper. Our members can choose a checking account that pays dividends and a credit card that offers generous rewards. They receive cash back for regular debit card use. And they can build their savings balances with a special program that transfers the change from their debit card purchases into their savings account. We also offer financial and investment services to guide you in managing your wealth as well as insurance solutions for greater protection.

On the business level, we recognize that every enterprise from small businesses to corporations need timely financing and access to capital. We offer a wide array of commercial loans at affordable rates. But we do much more than lend money. We specialize in expertise. Our team of banking professionals has in-depth knowledge of all types of industries, and they work with business owners to get them the financial tools they need.

On the community level, we provide both treasure and talent. Over the years, we've donated millions of dollars to worthwhile non-profit organizations. And our team members make time to serve on countless non-profit boards and devote thousands of hours each year to being mentors, coaches and other types of grassroots volunteers.

Now, back to our name.

We are an everwise credit union, and though we often go by TCU now, we're still proud to be teachers. Everyone from our member services team and financial planners to our insurance agents and lending experts will take the time to educate you on how our products and services can help you move forward. In the bigger picture, we also offer personal financial empowerment programs in local schools and online that help students and adults develop enhanced financial literacy.

So, why TCU?

Because we're your neighbors. We live here, we work here, we raise families here. We care about all the things that you do. And we're committed to making a difference.


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