Get a jump on saving with a certificate!

5.01% APY*

14-Month Premium Certificate

Earn a premium rate with a $500 minimum deposit.

Are you looking for a low-risk investment with a high rate of return? Increase your long-term savings with certainty and peace of mind.



14-Month Share Certificate


14-Month IRA Certificate

Your money is safe
Your money is safe

Insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

no risky unknowns
No risky unknowns

A guaranteed rate means savings growth you can count on. No need to worry about market volatility.

Low opening deposit
Low opening deposit

Everyone should have a chance to build their savings. At TCU you only need $500 to open a certificate. 

Calculate how much you can earn

See how much in dividends you can earn in 14 months. Simply put your deposit amount in the calculator below.


Two options to open your certificate

Easily open online

Quickly open a certificate online. Make sure to have your social security number and ID ready. 

Visit your local TCU branch

If you plan on depositing more than $2,500, come and see us! Find your closest branch and make an appointment today. 

Savings resources

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Get your savings plan rolling with these tips and services. 

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save for big purchases
Free Online Learning Module

This quick interactive module helps you learn about the benefits, potential risks, and the decision-making process for opening a certificate. 

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more savings tips
Basics on Savings

Download our free one-page resource to quickly reference tips and tricks to build your savings. 

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Certificate FAQs

A share certificate is a federally insured savings account with a fixed dividend rate and a fixed date of maturity. The dividend rates of these accounts tend to be higher than those on savings accounts. You have less flexibility in exchange for a higher rate.

A typical certificate will not allow you to add any money after you’ve made your initial deposit. You also won’t be able to withdraw your funds before the maturity date without paying a penalty. 

While keeping your savings in a certificate can be an excellent option for your money, it is not for everyone. Before you move forward with opening a certificate, be sure you won’t need to access the funds before the certificate’s maturity date. It’s best to have a separate emergency fund set aside to help you through an unexpected expense.

Yes! New members are subject to a $7 membership fee (waived for members 17 years old and younger) and $5 initial Share deposit prior to opening any additional deposit account or entering into any loan agreement. You don't have to be a teacher to become a member! If you live or work in the majority of counties in Indiana or in south west Michigan you can become a member.